OM Blog feedback needed

Submitted by Dean Giustini on April 26, 2007 - 16:38

Bloggers are e-mailing asking about the appearance of OM blog. Some of you might be interested to know that we are using Drupal, a freely-available open-source content management system.

What do you think of the new look? Please take a minute and send me an e-mail or post your comments. I'll be working on the next post The Rise of Openness in Medicine and will post soon.

Dean Giustini, OM blogger

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 The blog looks visually pleasing: clean, clear, and concise.  One thing which I miss is the Top 5 Lists on the side bar.  Not sure if would be as appropriate for this blog as on the Google Scholar blog.  But that is one of the trademarks of that blog.   Something worth considering maybe for the future?


Hi Allan,

Once the Open Medicine editorial team works out some of the kinks of the Open Journal System and Drupal, we will start to make changes along the lines of including categorized lists like I had over at  Google scholar blog. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the posts and debate. The Guyatt et al article is getting some buzz...Dean

Dean Giustini