Medical video-sharing sites for 2010

Submitted by Dean Giustini on February 18, 2010 - 14:18


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Video-sharing in medicine is extremely popular due to the portability of mobile devices such as iPhones and the rise of web 2.0 sites such as BlipTV, iCYou and Several video-sharing sites allow embedding code into blogs and websites, and do not need require special equipment. They can be viewed on most laptops, desktop computers and mobiles. Some health librarians find that video sites are helpful in supplementing their collections and in offering new services: 1) outreach, training and marketing; 2) direct personal and professional development via RSS feeds and 3) current awareness and learning. The rise of visual media continues as society moves into web 3.0 and physicians try to keep current with changes in evidence-based health care. Some futurists believe we are entering a post-textual era and that demand for video will only continue. (For sites outside of medicine, see Jane's Learning Pick of the Day. 25 places to find instructional videos. February 8th, 2010.)

Video - free medical video


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It's amazing to see how far video has moved in the last 2 years. I can remember when youtube just started - it was a novelty - but now it's completely changed the way we interact as a whole!

Not sure where it can go next - but the speed at which technology changes is absolutely stunning!

- Harold

Thanks for sharing this great list.

But most of them  shows embed videos , it could be some problem in the next.

But it is really a long list.