Can a wiki be used as a peer-review publishing platform?

Submitted by Dean Giustini on March 1, 2011 - 17:41

The editors at Open Medicine are forward-looking people. In 2009, they wrote an article entitled "Medical research and social media: Can wikis be used as a publishing platform in medicine". Since then, they have worked on other systematic reviews that might lend themselves to 'real-time' editing -- and, especially to wikification. Take a look at our new wiki called Open Medicine Where Articles Live. Anyone can read it and contribute it, so take a look and provide the authors with your feedback.

For more information about wikis, see Medical wikis // Top Fifty (50) Medical Wikis You Might (Want to) Know new2.gif & Wikis as Reference

And, this week's articles in Open Medicine:

Why have we done this?
Knowledge is dynamic and a wiki is a publishing tool that truly reflects that. Our hope is that this manuscript will evolve as our knowledge evolves and, ultimately, be improved by contributions directly from our readers to our authors.—The editors, Open Medicine


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