How to contribute to the MASH blog

Submitted by Steven Lewis on November 1, 2011 - 13:27

The MASH blog is intended as an open forum that welcomes contributions from anyone interested in making meaningful analogies in sports and health. We will shortly be set up for you to submit content directly to the moderator through the Open Medicine site navigation tools. But for now, contributors should submit their content via e-mail to:

There are just a few basic rules. First, let us know how you want to be identified - for example, Alice Smith, staff nurse, Middletown General Hospital. If you are open to readers communicating with you directly, also provide an e-mail address. We will include these identifiers and contact information with your submission.

Second,don't be too subtle. Make the sports-and-health analogy explicit. Yes, at times this may compromise artistry in service of a higher goal: education and inspiration. Better to err on the side of "well, duh" clarity than poetic ambiguity.

Third, while dedicated to avoiding the labour in this labour of love, I will exercise a modicum of editorial oversight. We are hosted by Open Medicine, which has fabulous editorial standards. We won't match them but we want to honour their example. Please spellcheck, proofread, and make your subjects and verbs agree. Avoid the passive voice and run-on sentences. I won't mess with your style, but if I catch relatively minor linguistic missteps I'll just fix them and post. If there is some small chance that your prose obscures the brilliance of your insights, I may ask you to take another crack at it.

Fourth - this is especially difficult for people like me, who learned to type on steel-cased manual Underwoods with no letters on the keys in the 16th century - try to use one space, not two, after periods. Our Open Medicine hosts and tutors are among other things highly refined aesthetes and as moderator, I'm trying to earn some cred.

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