Opening up medical education: Is this the first Open Access video series of Grand Rounds?

Submitted by Tarek Loubani on November 11, 2011 - 22:30

This week, the Division of Emergency Medicine in London, Ontario, Canada, released our first video from grand rounds. There's really nothing new about the idea - well-done archives of grand rounds videos truly are a dime a dozen. But - to my knowledge - we are the first program to make the videos available under an Open Access, Creative Commons license (in our case, By Attribution, ShareAlike).

This move is good for our non-academic physician colleagues, who can now access and remix high quality rounds contents from a reputed academic emergency medicine program. But it is also good for us, since it encourages higher caliber presentations (something about the unforgetting internet is so unnerving to me as a presenter) and will bring peer review to our rounds from the far reaches of the world.

So, we're claiming the crown, but the challenge is out: Who else has done this? We'd love to learn from them and grow together.

tarek : )

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