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Submitted by Dean Giustini on June 20, 2007 - 13:41

In Open Medicine's first issue, we published a large 'population cohort
(over 164,000 patients) by McAlister et al. The population in this case was elderly Ontarian residents (age 66 and over) who were being treated for hypertension, and followed for 24 months between 1994 and 2002. (See full article.)

The clinical question that McAlister et al sought answers to was: "Although a purported advantage of newer antihypertensive drug classes is a reduced need for laboratory testing, what is known about the frequency of laboratory monitoring of hypertensive patients in clinical practice and does this differ across drug classes?"

Open Medicine has now published two comments/response to McAlister et al that are worth reading for family physicians, cardiologists, internal medicine specialists and anyone interested in these findings:

Laboratory testing for hypertension in the community
by Michelle Greiver (2007-06-18)

Cost sensitive prescribing
by James M Wright (2007-06-19)

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