Good night Dr. Morgentaler

Submitted by Carlyn Zwarenstein on May 29, 2013 - 14:09

Henry Morgentaler died this morning, at home, at 90.

Dr. Morgentaler has had a Tommy Douglas-scale influence on health policy in Canada. Beginning in 1967 when he defended women's right to safely terminate a pregnancy before a Health and Welfare Committee of the House of Commons, through years of performing illegal, safe abortions in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg, through 1988 when the law against abortion was struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada and beyond, the Polish-born Holocaust survivor, humanist and family physician was at the forefront of the struggle to make abortion legal, safe and accessible in Canada.

An obituary detailing much of Dr. Morgentaler's colourful and often difficult life came out in today's Globe and Mail.

A timeline and more information about the Morgentaler decision (written by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada) appear here.

Rest in peace.

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I am so sorry to hear this report, this man is great and has so many contribution in the field of medicine, he is really a big lose to us. - Rich Von