Synchronizing research into HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa

Submitted by Carlyn Zwarenstein on July 22, 2013 - 10:18

The latest issue of Open Medicine is not our usual research paper or comment piece. This week, we are proud to feature the proceedings of the Afri-Can Forum, which took place in Entebbe, Uganda in January of this year.  Researchers from African and Canadian institutions as well as senior officials of public funders and NGOs met for three days. They discussed projects, programs and experience, and how African and Canadian researchers might work more closely together to make a greater impact on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

In the words of the co-chairs of the Forum, “A unique feature was the fact that it was led by Africans.  The participants understood that efforts to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa will work only if Africans are leading the way.”

Another distinct feature of the Forum was its theme of ‘synchronicity’.  In the current climate of shrinking research funds, teams must work more collaboratively and find ways to achieve greater efficiency.  An African-led effort to take inventory, set priorities and take control of HIV prevention efforts is necessary.

Publishing the Forum proceedings—including the projected slide sets from each of the presenters—through Open Medicine will bring these critical but under-reported issues to a wider audience. 

 Read the Afri-Can Forum proceedings.


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