On physician compensation

Submitted by Carlyn Zwarenstein on September 27, 2013 - 13:38
Today's Globe and Mail does put it neatly: "Canada has more doctors, making more money than ever". Although it really needs a much closer and sensitive look.
And although it can get confusing, it would be an interesting article to cross-reference with our recent study on the trend towards hospital-based physicians, which shows that in Ontario, at least, we're seeing more high-volume, hospital-based physicians at the same time as we're seeing fewer low-volume specialists and internists.
When speaking with the lead author, I actually found it hard to grasp the implications of the different trends observed, and maybe we can get her back 'in' to talk to us about what relation there might be between the trend discussed here and the move the study team found towards hospitalist GPs and away from high-volume specialists. And then there's this. What do you think?

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