OM blog - Americans like Canada's Health System

Submitted by Dean Giustini on June 26, 2007 - 03:33
Last week, Open Medicine published a very timely article about what Americans who live in Canada think of our healthcare system compared to the American system:

Generally, Americans rate the US health care system better than the Canadian system, but acknowledge the inefficiency and inequity of the US system. Significantly, nearly half of those surveyed prefer the equity and cost-efficiency of the Canadian healthcare system.

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This study does not tell us much because it compares the delivery of health care services to affluent people in the US and Canada.  There are different grades within the American private health insurance system, with affluent patients receiving a higher level of care than most other patients.

The real question is:  does the average (what they call "middle class") insured American receive better delivery of health care than Canadians covered under provincial insurance programs?

And of course uninsured Americans can expect a lower level of service than insured Canadians.