OM blog - Top Ten (10) Reasons To Read Open Medicine

Submitted by Dean Giustini on July 2, 2007 - 16:20

1. Open Medicine is peer-reviewed and open access.
2. Open Medicine is independently-produced & free of commercial influences.
3. Open Medicine has an international board of directors, and editors.
4. Open Medicine supports open communication, and the Bethesda OA definition.
5. Open Medicine invites interactivity, such as Rapid Responses.
6. Open Medicine brings physicians and other health professionals (librarians) together.
7. Open Medicine's blog is led by a medical librarian.
8. Open Medicine is part of something important - a paradigm shift in medical publishing.
9. Open Medicine has implemented the Creative Commons ShareAlike licence.
10. Open Medicine discusses current issues of importance to medical professionals.

Dean Giustini, OM blogger

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