Canadian Public Health Policy - "The Grey Literature"

Submitted by Dean Giustini on May 11, 2011 - 16:58

People's Food Policy Project  Resetting the Table: A People's Food Policy for Canada (français)April 2011.  Access PDF   Accéder PDF

Eating HabitsHealth Canada  Eating Habits and Nutrient Intake of Aboriginal Adults Aged 19-50, Living Off-reserve in Ontario and the Western Provinces (français)2010.  Access PDF   Accéder PDF Health Canada Improving Cooking and Food Preparation Skills: A Profile of Promising Practices in Canada and Abroad (français)  December 2010.  Access PDF   Accéder PDF

Health Canada    Improving Cooking and Food Preparation Skills: A Synthesis of the Evidence to Inform Program and Policy Development  (français)December 2010. Access PDF   Accéder PDF 



Several other new reports focus on financing healthcare:


Canadian Centre for Policy AlternativesPutting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is: The Future of Dental Care in CanadaApril 2011.  Access PDF  


C.D. Howe Institute Chronic Healthcare Spending Disease: A Macro Diagnosis and Prognosis (français)April 2011.  Access PDF  Accéder PDF  C.D. Howe Institute A Social Insurance Model for Pharmacare: Ontario's Options for a More Sustainable, Cost-Effective Drug Program


April 2011. Access PDF  


Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

Hospital Payment Mechanisms: An Overview and Options for Canada  (français)March 2011Access PDF   Accéder PDFPhysician Payment MechanismsCanadian Health Services Research Foundation Physician Payment Mechanisms: An Overview of Policy Options for Canada  (françaisMarch 2011.  Access PDF  Accéder PDFFraser Institute Canada's Medicare Bubble: Is Government Health Spending Sustainable without User-based Funding?  April 2011. Access PDF



Here's a sample of the more technical documents added this month:


Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health

Blood Glucose Monitors and Test Strips: A Review of the Comparative Clinical Evidence and Cost-EffectivenessApril 2011.  Access PDF

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

A Comparison of Drug- and Alcohol-involved Motor Vehicle Driver Fatalities  (français)March 2011.  Access PDF   Accéder PDF


Institut national de santé publique du Québec  Amiante: connaissances acquises sur l'exposition et les maladies des travailleurs et de la population générale du Québec de 2003 à 2009: Rapport synthèse  février 2011.  Accéder PDF


Institut national de santé publique du Québec  Report of the Sous-comité Épreuves de détection de la syphilis: Highlights   April 2011.  Access PDF


Ontario Medical Advisory Secretariat

Neuroimaging for the Evaluation of Chronic Headaches: An Evidence-Based AnalysisDecember 2010. Access PDF


Public Health Agency of Canada  Assessment and Diagnosis of FASD Among Adults: A National and International Systematic Review  (français)2011.  Access PDF   Accéder PDF


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